Welcome to Craf-TAY Corner, the monthly feature that showcases the creative side of Talk Amongst Yourselves. If you draw, create models, sew, do stuff with duct tape, even if it’s not strictly game related, we want to see it.

Due to the circumstances of life, Craf-TAY Corner was put to the side since I had no internet, but like a phoenix from its ashes, it rises again. As such, be prepared to see some features that are a few months old. But just because they are old doesn’t make them stone cold awesome.

As for myself the actual crafty stuff has been slow, because as I said earlier: LIFE! Anyhoo, I tried to give knitting a shot and make a knitted dolphin plushie, but I had to start over again so right now there is nothing to show you, and the rest of my craft space has been eaten up by starting to clear out the house. So instead, I’m showcasing less my hobby and more my job: Art! Above is a print I’ll be selling at NDK this September. This year I have a few more game related prints since I’ve been a bit out of the anime scene. I’ve got this one, and one based off of Final Fantasy VII that I showed off earlier in the week. While I’ve been sort of slow in the creation department, you guys did not disappoint. Division-ten is working on her next costume, Racket and Clank. I wish her a lot of luck and patience with that one. But since her Rocket Racoon was so awesome I’m sure this one will be even better. Zarnyx has started up the 2015 photo club for their summer project and the always illustrious Bonny John is keeping the groovy coming with his Pokemon-a-day project.


And for those interested in art supplies, Ascendant - Izanagi did a review of the Uniball ball point pen. Ball point pens are totes art supplies and very common ones too. So it’s good to see someone taking the time to give a review of one.


As always, if you have a project you are planning, one you are working on or one you have finished, take the opportunity to share it in the comments section. And if you want to get featured for next month’s Craf-TAY Corner, remember to tag it ‘craf-tay corner’ so I can actually find it. If you have any questions or comments, you can either ask me a question in a thread or contact me directly on my Contay-ct page.