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Welcome to Craf-tay Corner, the monthly feature that showcases the creative side of Talk Among Yourselves. If you do arts, crafts, cosplay or have any other creative hobby, this is the place to show it off and talk about it.

Last month was Halloween and I had all these giant plans for a really snazzy Halloween costume and finally finishing the Bayonetta repaint that I've been talking about for most of the year. Both of these ideas got completely torpedoed by a whole bunch of IRL ridiculousness that ate up most of the time and energy for the month.


It wasn't a total loss at least. During the Halloween clearance sale my mom picked up this cute little kit for a raccoon door hanger. Normally I like to keep my craft stuff original, but kits are fun on occasion because they're relaxing to do and don't require too much thinking. They're like more tactile coloring books. But I have to say that the Bayonetta doll is turning into my white whale. I'm sooooo close to finishing her, and I've actually been working on this project off and on for the past two years (yeah, I'm slooooow about craft projects. Chalk it up to having almost no extra time.) So this month, hell or high water, she's getting DONE. It always seems it's the last few details that cause the most work. I literally only have to finish her shoes, glue on the straps on her arms and legs, do her hair cut and then put all the little pieces I've been doing all together. I might just dedicate a couple of days next week and just power through it. As for my costume idea I've been teasing you all with. It will continue to remain a secret. This idea is just too good for me to reveal without the pictures to back it up. All I'm saying is come Denver Comic Con next year, I'm knocking your socks off.

As for the members of the TAY community that didn't have to deal with the magic of a bureaucratic nightmare, The Second Annual TAY Pumpkin carve-off was a success, Zarnyx did another Doodle Open Forum and division-ten showed off his Rocket Raccoon costume during New York Comic Con.

If you have a project you're working on and want to talk about it, just leave a comment in the thread below. Whether it's video game related or not, we want to hear about. If you'd like to get featured for next month, post an article on your Kinja blog and tag it 'Craf-tay Corner' so I can find it. If you have any questions about the feature, ask below or contact me directly via my conTAYct page.


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