I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome to Craf-TAY Corner, the monthly feature that showcases the creative side of Talk Amongst Yourselves. If you have any creative projects or hobbies and want to show them off, this is the place to do it. Whether it’s cosplay, drawing or anything else creative, even if not strictly game related, we want to see it.

Last month was October and I was really looking forward to doing Halloween stuff, particularly my costume. Alas, due to real life shenanigans, most of the month I haven’t had a chance to do anything I planned. I did manage to do more than half of the month of the drawing challenge on Tumblr, Drawlloween, and I made a Halloween comic for my series, Midnight Menagerie.


The good news that the folks on TAY were far more productive than I. HarmarFan is continuing progress with the Mario Kart garage for his kids, JpSr388 is continuing Sunday Quick draw and I hope more of you join him, Stormborn, is continued attempts to make every artist on this stupid site look like a bunch of lazy amateurs is working on a self-published game and has been posting development diaries. Division-ten continues the Ratchet and Clank love with making plushies and of course, Halloween meant the 3rd annual Pumpkin Carve-off, with some great results (I swear, one of these years my Octobers won’t be chaotic circuses where I won’t have any free time!)

If I missed any of your projects or you want to be featured next month, remember to tag your posts craftay corner so I can make an honest stab at finding them on Kinja. If you have any projects you’ve started, are working on or just finished, please, feel free to talk about them below and post pictures. If you have any questions or want to contact me directly, just go to my Con-tay-ct Page and leave a message.

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