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Craf-TAY Corner October

Welcome to Craf-TAY Corner, the monthly feature that showcases the creative side of Talk Amongst Yourselves. This is the place to talk about all your creative hobbies, projects and ideas and features projects from members of the TAY community. If you do anything from drawing to cosplay to interpretive dance with puppets, we want you to show it off!

Sometimes the best plans get waylaid by circumstances beyond our control. Such was the case for me last month. I had huge plans to finally finish my Bayonetta Barbie but alas that was not to be. Mostly because I had spent most of last month having my immune system battered by three different illnesses, and on top of everything trying not to die during Artist Alley at Nan Desu Kan. Finally everything went away, but left me so far behind that I didn't get to Craf-TAY Corner until this week, which is why the feature is late. Don't worry you guys, if I ever cancel the feature or give the reigns over to someone else, I'll let you know. In the meantime, you're stuck with me.


It wasn't a total loss, I did finish the sleeves, cleaned the edges and started putting the chain on Bayonetta's body. The upper part of her bust will get her chain once her head's back on. So I need to do that, finish her shoes, do her hair and put the charms and straps on her body. Those last little details I do just before I finish because there's always a chance for damage once you stick a doll's head back on her body. Sometimes they go on just fine, and sometimes they fight you.

While I spent September in various states of ooziness, you guys were plenty busy:

October marks the second annual TAY Pumpkin carving event. Nach had a cool theme for Photaygraphy Club and Novi made cookies. Not strictly crafty, but it looks like it was a slow month for everyone.


Also this month is Halloween, which means Halloween costumes! While a lot of you slackers buy your costumes, I know plenty of you guys make your own stuff. Show off what you're working on in the comments! Or if you have another project in mind, show that off too! If you want to have your project featured on Craf-TAY Corner for November, just start a topic and tag it 'Craf-TAY Corner' when you post it. That way I can find it. If you have any questions or comments about the feature, just leave me a comment below or contact me directly on my ConTAYct page.


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