Welcome to Craf-TAY Corner, the monthly feature that showcases the creative side of our TAY members. If you have any kind of creative project from drawing to constructing armor out of beer cans, even if it's not directly game related, we want to see it.

I'm finally in the home stretch of my Bayonetta doll. Most of August was spent working on her bodysuit and developing the pattern for it. If you've never sewn an original outfit with a pattern you've made yourself, this is how the process generally works: make the proto-pattern by using paper towels or muslin, transfer to real pattern, test real pattern, adjust real pattern, pre-wash and press fabric to cut out pieces, pin pieces together, test pieces again, adjust pins, baste whole thing together, adjust basting, and finally, sew the whole shebang together. And because of the crazy complexity I had to hand sew everything to make sure that the outfit actually fits properly, since I'm working so small. Instead of making gloves, which would be a level of masochism even I won't approach, I painted her hands and arms instead. But the good news is that while there is a lot of detail work, the hard part is over. I need to sew the trim, finish the shoes and add some last minute features and I'll finally be able to put her head back on and finish up her hair. Because I'm dealing with the reality of fabric and hair instead of magic or a sculpture, I'm going to change a few minor details in order for her to function as a finished design. Hopefully by this time next month, Bayonetta will be almost, if not, entirely done.

I wasn't the only busy bee around TAY. Division-ten started work on his cosplay of Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, and knowing the complexity that is involved with the construction of fur-suits, especially the heads, I wish him a lot of luck.Nach did a pixelly version of Bonny John's machine gun bear, and once again, Zarnyx did another doodle open forum to encourage people to draw.


If you have some project you're working on or one you're just about the start, talk about it in the comments. If you want to be featured for next month's Craf-TAY Corner, remember to tag your thread 'craf-tay corner' so I can actually find it. TAY and Kinja are big sites, and I don't want to miss people's cool crafts because they weren't tagged. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments below or contact me directly via my ConTAYct Page. Don't forget that next month is October, and October means Halloween!