Ahoy, fellow Animal Crossing and/or amiibo enthusiast. Welcome to the official amiibo card exchange of TAY (and Kotaku?). We’re here to help you get rid of those pesky duplicate cards by trading them for shiny new characters you haven’t gotten your hands on.

It’s a very simple process and there are a few rules, so read over the guidelines below. The main document can be found here.

1. It should be first and foremost noted that this exchange is only for trading amiibo cards. You cannot sell cards here. This is not eBay. If you simply want to send someone cards out of the kindness of your heart that is ok as well.

2. You must fill out all your information in the official document. This includes your kinja handle, your duplicate cards, what cards you are currently on the look for, and the best way to contact you. Feel free to leave some notes as well.

3. You contact info should be a link to your Kinja profile, a twitter handle, a Facebook page or an email. Please do not include phone numbers or addresses. when contacting another person in a public site like TAY/Kotaku, do not given them any private information for trading purposes. Use personal messages and email for this.


4. Please do not put a ridiculous amount of cards in the “Looking For” section. For example, if you only have ten cards in series one, do NOT list all 80 other cards in this section. Just stick to the ones you’re really after at the moment. Probably ten at the most.

5. Once you contact a person about a trade it is your responsibility to work out the details and acquire info for mailing them cards. Once you have a struck a deal you need to delete that card for the document.

6. Please send cards in a plastic sleeve so they are not damaged when being mailed. They’re pretty cheap, and you should receive one in return every time, so you shouldn’t think of it as a loss of money. You can usually fit two cards in each sleeve back to back with no issue.


7. Don’t be a jerk and agree on a trade and then not follow through. I will find you. Seriously. Don’t rip people off or make this a difficult process.

If you need a quick visual list of all the current cards you can check out Nintendo’s official catalogue.

If you have any questions or suggestions just let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate you and change things for the better.