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CreaTAYve Rambling: Achievements and Trophies

"Look rock, I got an award!"

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 8 years you probably know about those fun little bundles of joy and gratification that are video game achievements and trophies. These little things pop up whenever you do something in a game like beating a level, a boss, finding all of whatever the collectable item for that game is, and so one. Some people love them others think they are stupid.


I personally enjoy achievements. I see them as a way that I can show people that I've beaten a game or did whatever challenge. Sure there are dumb achievements like the ones you get for beating a level you were supposed to but then there are the ones for beating the game on the highest difficulty or having 100% completion. Sometimes I'll complete a game and notice that I'm actually not far off from earning the Platinum trophy (On PS3/Vita you earn that for collecting all the other trophies in a game) and it motivates me to keep playing a game for a bit longer instead of just putting it away and moving onto the next one. Bungie had the really awesome Vidmaster Achievements in Halo 3 and ODST which I have fond memories of scrounging up a party of strangers on the Bungie forums and then spending 3 frustrating but awesome hours trying to get our Ghosts to the end. And then there are also the joke and Easter egg achievements that are fun to unlock.

It looks like some people did fail to get this achievement...

Not everyone is a fan of achievements though. I have read many an article about how achievements are just a waste of time and add nothing of value, How they force players to play a certain way instead of playing the way they want to, and of course how those silly little pop ups can break immersion when you are particularly involved in a certain part of the game. These are all valid complaints but I don't pay them much mind as achievement collecting for the most part is an optional experience and no one is forcing you to go out of your way to get those harder ones.


I'd have a hard time believing you when you say you lost your immersion right here.


The other benefit that Trophy/Achievement hunting has that I've really come to appreciate is the ability to see your gaming habits a bit more clearly. There are a lot of website out there that are dedicated to allowing people to pull up their logs when it comes to achievements (I've been using PSNProfiles.com btw.) and they allow us to see how we compare to other users on the site, see which achievements are the rarest, and my favorite get a sense of our gaming habits with regards to when we play.


I'm not particularly proud that I earn most of my trophies at 2AM.

So where do you stand on trophies/achievements? Do you enjoy collecting them? Is there a particular one that you are proud of or have a funny story about? Don't you wish Gamerscore could actually be redeemed for something (Oh wait I guess it can now...) Let me know what you think


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