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It's no secret that nowadays just about every game that has any sort of marketing behind it will release some sort of collector's and/or limited edition released alongside it. COD Ghosts has one, Dark Souls 2 has one, GTA5 had one, AC4 has one, and the list goes on and on. These editions are usually filled with goodies ranging from physical merchandise to in-game stuff and they can range from anywhere to $10 bucks more expensive than the vanilla game to over $150 bucks more. While this may seem a tad steep for most consumers the CE/LEs will usually skyrocket in value on places like Ebay and Amazon once they are no longer available.

A new technique that some publishers are using now is "upgrading" standard edition preorders to limited editions otherwise known as slapping a new label on the term "Pre-order bonus". The publisher will start taking preorders for a game and then a month or two afterwards will announce a limited/special/super/game retailer/etc edition of the game and that all current preorders have been upgraded to that. It once again gets the game in the public eye and creates a new demand for preorders. Upgrade editions will usually come with some small token items like a sample artbook or perhaps a bit of DLC.

As far as I can remember I've only ever bought one collector's edition and that was Tales of Xillia and I considered that a birthday present to myself more than anything else. The CE came with a soundtrack CD, a hardcover 100 page artbook, and a figure of the main heroine Milla Maxwell. The whole thing set me back $100 which I felt was actually pretty fair. $60 for the game and $40 for the goodies the bulk of which came from the figure. If you have ever looked at buying or importing anime or game figures from Japan than you'll know it is usually pretty expensive. As far as I'm concerned I got a pretty good deal and the game itself was worth every penny.


I like collector's editions. I see them as a way for publishers to give fans more of what they love and fans who really like the game to give more cash to support it. That said though due to my frugality I rarely ever feel compelled to buy one. I had been considering ordering the CE for Dark Souls 2 but after looking at the price ($120) and thinking it over I decided that I don't love the Souls series that much to pay an extra $60 for it. I'll be sticking with the limited "Black Armor" edition (Steelbook case and probably a soundtrack sampler CD) which wont cost me any extra.

So tell me TAY do you buy collector's or limited Editions? What are your favorite goodies? Is there a limit on how much you are willing to spend? Do you buy them in the hopes of selling them later? Let me know


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