I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I haven't played a Grand Theft Auto game since Vice City a million years ago. I spent most of my free time this weekend, save for one frustrating period, playing Grand Theft Auto 5. So far it hasn't disappointed.


I'm often skeptical of open world games most of the hours of "content" they boast are usually the same tasks just done over and over again but with a different coat of paint. GTA 5 is no exception to that rule. Most of the missions are go in, steal/kill someone/thing, and then escape and lose the cops. Normally I would get bored of this after a while but I haven't yet, the game just is fun in that way and I can't really explain it.

Whenever you aren't doing a mission and are just kinda loafing around there is lots to do. jobs for cash, hanging out with NPCs, races and other minigames, Amusing TV and radio to engage in, keeping an eye out for nice cars, and more. The world is big and there isn't a normal fast travel function but I'm okay with that since there are still plenty of ways to get around quickly and/or easily. Hell if you stand idly around in the city the NPCs usually find a way to engage in shenanigans themselves when their driving AI messes up somewhere and causes havoc.

The characters in GTA 5 are amusing enough but I haven't particularly fallen in love with any of them. Micheal has his god awful family that I probably would have murdered a long time ago if the game would let me. Franklin is the ambitious down to earth guy just looking to get out of where he is and unfortunately the most boring character in my eyes. and then there is crazy ass Trevor who is just that. They are all entertaining but I don't feel much more about them. The character switch mechanic in missions is pretty sweet and works in most of the missions but dividing the focus up on 3 characters does make them all suffer storywise.

I did play a little bit of GTA Online but did not have as much fun with it as I did the main game. It just feels like the game is way too grindy and you are at a massive disadvantage when starting out unless you played at launch. You are initially stuck with a pistol as your only weapon and don't stand much of a chance if you attack or are attacked by a higher level player. I'm told GTA Online is much more fun when you play with actual friends instead of randoms but since I lack a mic and friends with PS3s I'm out of luck there.


Other Thoughts:

  • The load times (in the PS3 version atleast) are pretty atrocious. The game usually takes atleast 3 - 5 minutes to start up and changing characters outside of missions is often a long boring wait
  • Despite their appearance power line poles are actually made out of solid reenforced concrete and could survive a nuke crashing into them.
  • LSRR is the best radio station.
  • I'm gay for Fernando.
  • I wish the characters wouldn't change their outfits when I'm not playing as them. I've found good looks for all of them and I hate having to drag them back to the safehouses to get them changed.
  • There is a mobile app for the game which is apparently used for training Franklin's dog "Chop" but I haven't seen much use in the main game for Chop and I'm not sure its worth bothering to download the app.
  • I have a hard time believing the people actually get offended by stuff in the game when almost 99% of the game is offensive to everyone.

Overall GTA5 is a pretty sweet game. I'm not entirely sure it deserves perfect ratings but it is definitely one of the best games to come out this year. It's hilarious, offensive, and most importantly fun. Like most other open world games I'm sure I'll get bored of it eventually but it has already lasted a lot longer than others and if the game completion percentage is to be believed I'm nowhere near the end.

CreaTAYve Rambling is a semi-regular (as in whenever I feel like it) article I put together where I just ramble on about what I feel like. I make no guarantees of coherence or grammatical correctness. This edition of CreaTAYve Rambling has not been endorsed be Jock Cranley, Sue Murray, The Los Santos Police Department, The FIB, IAA, or Trevor Phillips Industries.

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