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CreaTAYve Rambling: Time Flies

It just hit me this morning that October is almost over. November is upon us and 2014 isn't that far off. What the hell happened? Where did 2013 go? I could've sworn it was just yesterday they revealed the PS4. Now you're telling me it's about to be released in less than month? God damn this year just flew by.

What did I do this year? I hardly remember. Let's see... I got Fire Emblem Awakening in February, Animal Crossing NL in June, Tales of Xillia in August, and now Pokemon XY. I know there were other games that I bought during the year but those are the only high profile ones that really stand out to me. What else was there...? Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, GTA5, uhh. Hell other than the PS4 vs Xbox One smackdown at E3 I barely remember anything from that either. Video games wise 2013 just feels like a massive blur to me


In real life 2013 also seems like a massive blur. I can't remember too much of what happened. There was uh... Obama being inaugurated again, a new Pope, the Boston Marathon bombing, and now the government shut down. I'm sure there must have been other stuff that happened but I really cant think of any. Was 2013 uneventful or is my memory just really bad? I'm tempted to do a Google search but not until after I finish this otherwise it would feel like I'm cheating.

What happened in 2013 with regards to non video game entertainment? There was Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Despicable Me 2, World War Z... was that it? There must have been other movies that came out this year. Music music music... Daft Punk had a new album, That Blurred Lines song got played nonstop for a few months, Miley Cyrus twerked, Somebody sung about having a heart attack. I'm starting to think I should tell a doctor about how I can't remember anything from this year...

Come on! Come on! Think! What else happened? There was the royal baby, my favorite radio host died, and um... darn it I can't think of anything else that happened in 2013.

Tell me what I missed TAY. This year must have been more eventful than what I listed. Tell me I don't already have brain problems and that time is just speeding up so I cant remember everything. Oh God what happened? Is 2014 already over? WHERE AND WHEN AM I? SOMEONE SEND HELP!!!


CreaTAYve Rambling is a semi-regular (as in whenever I feel like it) article I put together where I just ramble on about what I feel like. I make no guarantees of coherence, grammatical correctness. Have I only been doing this for 2 months? It feels like longer than that. Maybe time is slowing down instead.

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