A quick one today. While I was driving I pass the time by thinking of random things (it's a long mind numbing drive.) and today I was thinking about things I do and don't like about future and current games and systems and I thought I would share some ideas I have if I were in charge of making them.

Do plan/manage your budget wisely: Does it really take $100+ million to rehash CoD/Assassin's Creed/Battlefield/etc... every year? Manage your budget wisely and set realistic sales expectations and maybe selling 3 million units won't be considered a failure.

Don't spend 50% of your budget on marketing: *cough*Bioshock*cough*

Do include at minimum a screenshot function: I love that the PS4/Xbox will be including screenshot/recording capabilities. I wish my 3DS had it built in instead of relying on the individual devs to include one.


Don't region lock your system by default: Come on Nintendo it's almost 2014 let me import those Japanese games that won't ever get released over here. I promise not to tell any parents groups.

Do allow for female characters in games with custom characters.

Don't restrict custom characters to just one body type: Western games are pretty guilty of this. I don't always want to be Sexy Amazon or Giant Forehead McLarge Torso. Give me some variety with custom characters. and for the love of god please include hairstyles for male characters that cover the forehead.


Do include a Sound Test and Cutscene replay function.

Don't release cheats (money, ammo, lives, things like that.) as DLC: Remember when you could put in a code on the title screen to get power ups? Let's go back to that.


Do have a quick-save function: This doesn't apply so much for PC games but I really appreciate when console games allow me to quick-save or atleast suspend the game if I need to go do something.

Don't try to sell your game by comparing it to others: TAY is like Kotaku without being paid.


Do allow for physical and digital games.

Don't plaster your system with advertisements: You should be able to guess who I'm referring to.


Do include "Special Thanks to:.... AND YOU!" or "Thanks for playing!" at the end of the credits: It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Don't sell DLC season passes: STOP THIS SHIT! it's one thing to pre-order a game since you have an idea of what your getting and can cancel it at any time. It's another to just throw out money with no clue of what your getting or when your getting it and have no opportunity to cancel and get a refund.


Do release demos online to the general public: I'm glad Nintendo does this, I wish other publishers would let people play the game beforehand without needing to go to a convention.

DON'T put multiplayer behind a pay wall: Sony and Nintendo had a bid advantage over MS by being able to sell their products and brag about not paying to play online. Sony is dropping that with the PS4 and it is really killing my buzz for it.


SUPER DON'T put everything else behind a pay wall too: If you aren't paying for Xbox Live Gold your 360 may as well just be a giant expensive paper weight.

Do give the general audience semi-regular updates about your game/product: I love it with Iwata brings the info directly to me.


Don't shove gimmicky peripherals down our throat: Come on MS do yourself and everyone else a favor a drop the mandatory Kinect bundling with the Xbone. The majority of gamers don't want/use it and you can save yourself some cash by not including it with every Xbone.

Do include a challenge mode or something to that effect once you complete a game: What better way to increase re-playability by including a Boss Rush or SUPER DUPER HARD MODE for player who beat the game.


Don't make playing the game on a lower difficulty a requirement to unlock the higher ones: I know it kinda sounds like I'm contradicting my last statement but I mean don't make me beat the game on easy/normal in order to unlock hard mode. You can include a secret difficulty mode for players that beat the game but leave the rest of them available from the start.

Those were just some thoughts I came up with today while trying to keep myself awake on the road. Let me know which ones you like or don't like and if you have any Do's or Dont's of your own.


CreaTAYve Rambling is a semi-regular (as in whenever I feel like it) article I put together where I just ramble on about what I feel like. I make no guarantees of coherence, grammatical correctness, Do comment and recommend so I can have orange dots.