This could be the face of gaming.

The next generation of gaming is less than 2 months away and I couldn't care less. I've already decided against the Adbox 1 but I have no intention of grabbing a PS4 anytime soon either. What I'm looking at today is the way that Sony and Microsoft are advertising their upcoming consoles and wondering if it is actually going to work. As it stands right now I have only really seen one TV ad for each system (as far as I can remember) and they both have different approaches.

I'll start first with the Xbox Ad. You've probably heard about it, the one with no games. I've been seeing this ad just about every weekend during football (Go Saints!) and it looks like MS is going all out on trying to get the non-gamer crowd in on the Xbox action. It can stream your football games, show your fantasy stats, and let you Skype your friends pretty cool huh? But is it really effective? I've been to plenty of football parties where a bunch of people are watching the game together and there is almost always one or two dudes who bring a laptop or tablet to check fantasy so I can see the appeal the Xbox has there. What I don't see the appeal of is the multi/divided screen thing, For the two or three guys at the party participating in fantasy football it's great. but what about the rest of the party? No one wants to watch the game on a smaller screen and the constant fantasy updates could get distracting or annoying. So why has MS gone this route? Obviously they are trying to show off the main new feature of the Xbox One which is TV Streaming but why not appeal to your main crowd of Video Gamers? I can only assume that Microsoft believes that video game enthusiasts will already know everything there is to know about the Xbox One and that there is no need to go after them, or they just said "Screw it. we've already pissed them off. no point in trying now."

Next we have the PS4 ad. You've probably seen this one too if you watch TV regularly. It is actually similar to the Xbox One ad in that it doesn't feature any actual video games but instead real people doing video game things like the Greatness Awaits ad a while back. Sony is partnering with Taco Bell again to give out its newest toy and hopefully it will go better this time. The ad is targeted at the young junk food eating gamer crowd which is in all honestly the main audience of most video games. But other than apparently killing aliens the ad does little else to explain what the PS4 can do or why you should want to win one. I know its not the official PS4 ad but to me it has had the most exposure thus far. My guess is that Sony/Taco Bell is assuming that anyone who would want a PS4 already knows what it does and they don't feel the need to really explain that.


So which method is more effective? Appealing to your home base like Sony is doing with the PS4 or reaching outside like MS is with the Xbox One? Until an official PS4 ad comes out I have to say the Xbox One commercial is the better of the two. I still feel that MS is alienating their main base though. Also if Xbox is associated with Doritos and Mtn Dew, and Sony is associated with Taco Bell, which is known for Doritos Tacos and Mtn Dew, whose side is PepsiCo really on? The side of profit of course!

CreaTAYve Rambling is a semi-regular (as in whenever I feel like it) article I put together where I just ramble on about what I feel like. I make no guarantees of coherence, grammatical correctness, or the Kinect won't be able to peer into your very soul to find out which brand of Peanut Butter you like.