I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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This is a thought experiment viral social media thing that I thought would be fun to share, get some answers for. Basically, you can pick 6 villains from any media, and they’re going to be your “bad guy ensemble team”. If you want, give a bit of a description of what they are and why you want them there. If not, just put names. Whatevs. Go for it!


Here’s the ones I thought of:

Kefka (Final Fantasy 6) - Insane sorcerer dressed like a flamboyant clown. Sometimes OP af. Likes to murder, poison, and complain about sand.
Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) - A silent, unkillable monster with low speed and large stabby weapons. Only weakness is protagonist coming to terms with mental illness.
Ursula (The Little Mermaid - Disney) - Basically, Divine as an octopus monster with magic powers. Can get better magical powers if she has [McGuffin] rod.
Dr. Robotnik (Sonic) - Failure prone mechanical genius with massive robot arsenal. We’re gonna go with the Sonic SATAM version here, because he was the most menacing and the biggest threat.
Colonel Volgin (Metal Gear Solid 3) - Evil Russian military commander with lightning powers and giant tank. Able to detect imposters by grabbing their dick.
Sera (Mega Man Legends 2) - Machine designed to purge all carbon-based life from the planet; has emotional complex because “The Master” did not ask her to fulfill the mission she was designed for. Has giant mecha pteradactyl friend.


Hope to see some cool and diverse responses.

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