I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Crummy Comment Corner!

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We've all been there. Perhaps you had just woken up and weren't able to properly process information and create a constructive reply to something , and you ended up totally missing the point and spewing out nonsense. Or maybe you were so overwhelmed by passion and strong emotions that you simply had no time to revise what you wrote, or contemplated the validity of whatever it is you're posting. But in the end, the result is always the same, and everyone on the other side of the screen was left intrigued and incapable of properly interpreting your mistakes.


So thus, I bring you the Crummy Comment Corner! A place where we can all joke about our unfortunate sense of verbal articulation! YAY! Now, obviously, I'm walking a fine line here, because people can, and will get offended by this, right? I mean nobody wants to be made fun of, right? Well too bad! It's a Friday, we're all adults, and I'm sure we can all take a joke (hopefully) So, go on! Scour the comment sections of TAY, Kotaku, Youtube, your mom, and wherever else you find awkward syntax being displayed proudly! Also, bonus points to whoever catches me saying something stupid on here :P

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