I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Cry Along With Me - That Dragon, Cancer

Some things affect us more than others.

Lately I’ve found cancer to be something I think about a lot. It’s come pretty close to me through my formative years, and it’s at the back of my mind a fair amount of the time. With the recent spate of high-profile cancer-related deaths, That Dragon, Cancer comes at a very self-reflective time of my life.


Naturally, I felt that it was very much in my best interest to give “That Dragon, Cancer” a good look. A full run-through.

If you want to check it out - Me and my girlfriend stay silent for most of the commentary, allowing the story to speak for itself - And want to check out the gameplay and how the story works, feel free to check out the gameplay playlist here:

Alternatively, if you would like to watch one, continuous runthrough of the game, it’s approximately 2 hours and can be watched here:

Any comments, concerns or complaints? Please feel free to discuss them here, in the comments, or to my email: danvxc(a)gmail.com


All the best, everyone. Hold your loved ones close.

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