I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

This was my final project for my Human Geography general education University class. I'm releasing it to TAY since it looks like it will be a slow week for articles. Maybe this will help.

It has been adapted slightly to make it more palatable for the TAY community by adding images, parsing certain paragraphs differently, and slight alterations to tone. Other than that, it is unmodified from what I turned in. The requirements of the paper constrained it to no more than 6 pages (not quite, I went back and looked the requirements. There was no explicit limit on the length, but there is an underlying tone that suggests it should be kept short), but I had a ton of things that I couldn't get to, so I think the paper actually suffered greatly. I may be willing to revisit this later and further analyze the animation medium in particular.


I'm keeping this to my own blog since it is a bit off the usual anime topic. Sharing it to TAY seems within reason though.

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