I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Mods are an integral part of most modern game communities. But one of the earliest and most dynamic modding scenes in gaming history was undeniably the one revolving around Half-Life and the GoldSrc engine. This is a video survey and critique of 17 great single-player mods for the original Half-Life. It tries to show the wide spectrum of creative output by some of the best and most interesting modders from back in the day.



Timeline 1— 0:49

Timeline 2: The Iced Earth— 5:37

Timeline 3: Heart of Darkness— 10:28

Poke 646— 20:28

Poke 646: Vendetta— 24:55

Point of View— 27:48

They Hunger 1— 32:12

They Hunger 2: Rest in Pieces— 37:03

They Hunger 3: Rude Awakening— 42:50

Wanted! The Western Mod— 48:15

Heart of Evil— 50:28

Heart of Evil Napalm Edition— 53:08

Afraid of Monsters—55:37

Half-Quake— 57:27

Half-Quake: Amen/Sunrise— 59:51

Someplace Else— 1:01:39

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