If you've been following Nintendo's factory produced fan-favorite figures you know that plenty of folks out there have put their own spin on some of gaming greatest characters. Custom amiibo are not uncommon, but it's not hard to do a shoddy job when painting up or sculpting on existing designs.

Luckily there are plenty of fans who can do it right. One of the best (EvilosArt) has teamed with Amiibo News and has thrown his hat in the ring for the first ever "Customs for the Cure" amiibo auction. All proceeds go to St. Judes Children's Hospital. A noble cause!

The auctions started yesterday, but are still going. If you're interested, the following figures are available.

Dark Toon Link Custom


USA Mario Custom

Mr. L Custom


Gravity Suit Samus Custom

Dual Cannon Cosmic Samus by EvilosArt


Metal Mario by EvilosArt

Winner Choice by Amiibo News


Best of luck to anyone who bids. These are some fine figures.