Cutscenes are a powerful tool in telling a story in Video Games. Games, unlike cinema, television and books, are driven by the players involvement in the world, and will only progress so much as the player wants it too. Some games go a step further and let the player decide how the story moves along. But cutscenes let the developer take control, if only for a few moments, and put the player on the route they want to take. Sometimes they are taken too far, and a game turns from interactive storytelling to a line of cutscenes that just tell you the story. Love 'em or hate 'em, they have become integral for storytelling in many games. So let's have a discussion about it! Have a favorite cut-scene? Are they always detractors? Who has mastered their use? Is there a developer who never gets them right?

My favorite is the Final Fleet battle scene from Mass Effect 3. So so epic! Plus the feel good-ness of having united the galaxy is a great feeling.

Bonus: This scene from Mario Galaxy is phenomenal. Amazing what Nintendo could get the Wii to do, the wonderful soundtrack helps too.

Honestly, there's nothing like an epic space cutscene in my opinion...