I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I need you guys to make character sheets. We're rolling all fresh characters so if you've played previously, you're going to have to make a new one. Sorry!

Please make a character sheet for V3.5 rules and send it to me either via email or skype.


Email is Issiyo@gmail.com and Skype is Issiyo.


You can use this link to make a character and then save it for yourself and send me a copy. I ask that you let me have a copy as it'll help streamline things in the future. I'm also asking for a char sheet now as it will help me in making a rough outline for our game - if you guys are all going to roll pacifists, I don't want to make it "YOU START OUT STRAPPED TO A CHAIR SURROUNDED BY TERRORISTS" or something.

SOOOOO if your name is Astrokid, Walfish, Cheroro, or Kingpinlarry:

1. Make a char

2. Leave me some contact info. Skype works best for me right now

3. Sign up with roll20.net if you haven't already. I'm slowly learning how to use this so bear with me our first session is gonna be slow.


Let me know how you enter in your char to roll20, can you make a char within the program or is it just an interface?

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