I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is coming to PC, as announced by the director Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro.

“The catalyst for this port was the presentation I did at GDC, where we made a PC version experimentally to demonstrate the point that we could provide emotional immersion and recreate human sensations even without Kinect on hand and it was designed to be playable with nothing but a mouse,” Swery told Famitsu.

“Prior to my presentation, we had heard from a lot of people who said that they wanted to play D4, but don’t own an Xbox One, but afterwards when people knew that a PC version existed, they were really keen on seeing it get an actual release and created some buzz on social media.”

The next month will be dedicated to clearing the PC version of bugs.

Swery continued, “This past April, the staff has been working really hard day and night to get all aspects of the game ported over, so hopefully May will be focused on taking care of bugs.”



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