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Just having finished Daily Lives Of High School Boys, I'm still not sure what to think about it. On the one hand it balances humour and scenario's with a bunch of kids having fun. But on the other hand it doesn't seem to know when to take itself seriously and doesn't have a clear story line. I even had to search the internet to find out what genre it is (according to myanimelist it's a slice of life, I didn't even look at wikipedia after it tricked me by calling Muv Luv a 'romantic comedy and mecha').


The Humour

Naturally, this is rather subjective (or rather, absolutely subjective). You can probably tell if you're going to enjoy Daily Lives Of High School Boys after just the first episode. A lot of the humour is the same, but set in different scenario's.

Take the above image for example. In this part the three main characters are sharing scary stories. The one on the left is saying that he accidentally shaved off his nipples.


As you can see, the humour is rather immature. However, it is also quite reckless. This, combined with how little the writers seem to care about breaking the 4th wall, causes for the show to be rather unpredictable to say the least.

The Storytelling

Each episode consists of smaller fragments, or sketches. In each of these any of the characters is placed in a situation and you see how it goes. Quite often these end in a punchline and a good laugh. But sometimes, just sometimes, the show steps outside of this and gets serious. Because of this you never know what to expect. But even better is that this makes the serious or sad parts very, very touching.


The Humour, Storytelling, And Shallowness

Despite all the of the aforementioned. Daily Lives Of High School Boys can go a bit too far with that. Refusing to get serious at times. Sacrificing a good setup to mock anime just one more time. Or recycling the same jokes.


In other words, if you don't like the type of show that Daily Lives Of High School Boys is then you won't like the show at all.


To wrap things up, I'd say definitely give this show a go. However, if you don't like the first episode you probably won't like any of the show. It doesn't change, it just stays more of the same. So if the novelty wears off half way, don't wait for the show to do anything about that (despite how often they tease it).

But, it's definitely worth giving this show a shot. It's funny, witty (no, reckless) and doesn't shy away from anything. Not to mention, it's very easy to watch (and very difficult to stop watching).


Edit: Novibear already did a better review of this show in January. I'm really sorry guys, I should start checking before I post reviews.

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