I’ve been watching Dragonball Super religiously every sunday for 18 weeks. I can easily say after watching both Battle of the Gods, and the dismal “Resurrection ‘F’”, This has been time wasted.

There has been almost no new content in this series

That’s right. For those of you looking, hoping that there’s going to be something (ANYTHING) new in Super, You are incorrect. What the show does more or less is canonize the events of the two flicks. Goku realizes that there are some things you just can’t scream over to win (Which is a terrific plot point for battle of the gods), and Frieza’s going to get his ass kicked for a 3rd time. So far, there’s been not even a passing mention of “Fat Beerus”, 18 weeks in, you’ve got to give me something to reach for. So far, we’re at nothin’.

Is there anything worthwhile in the series so far?

Yes. There’s a few little cute bits between Goku and Vegeta, but saving that, the slight promise of a new evil or new form is not tantalizing enough for me to continue religiously watching the show. For those of you who have not watched either movie but are still interested in watching the action, go watch the movies. One’s really good, the other, not so much.

This was supposed to be a new show. Why isn’t it a new show?

I’ll say this. If you really want a new show, that is immaculately done and consistently has me cracking up more than few times each week, watch One Punch Man. Seriously. Stop reading this, stop writing the spiteful “Well at least GT had new content” comment (By the way, Fuck you and GT too. (Stupid Super Android arc. The fuck was that?)) and watch OPM. I can’t recommend it enough.



Dragonball Super is the thing that I wanted ever since I saw the GT travesty, to over-write it, but ultimately is a giant middle finger to both those who paid movie ticket prices for something that wound up being a lot longer and a whole lot free-er on TV and those who just wanted a continuation, and possibly a solid ending on the story of Goku and the gang.