Welcome one and all! Welcome to the circus that is my home! And more importantly, my overfull attic. Thirty-three years of my life in boxes. So let's see what I discovered over the last few days that might be interesting to all of you. (Please ignore the picture quality. It was too hot for my good camera to work in my sweltering attic, so you get phone pictures.)

Let's start with that top pic. Some of you might have the same VHSs sitting around. Some of you might not even remember VHSs. In any case, these amazing game videos were given out to subscribers of Nintendo Power in the 90s. These were basically YouTube videos before the age of YouTube. Or like Nintendo Directs, direct to your house...as a video. You get the idea.

Now you get a story. It was 1996. Damson was a young, naive 16-year old who received a video from Nintendo about the launch of the 64. Only upon opening said video there was a problem. It was broken. So Damson wrote a letter to Nintendo...

Can you read that?

Anyway, you can see Nintendo's response in my first picture. Two videos! They sent the original back and a new one that worked.


Also, Mario 64 as the best game ever? I was young and naive. And I might have started crushing on the one guy in the videos. His name was Henry. I'll stop now, before it gets more awkward.

Moving on, we have this little gem of a book.

Apparently I've been dreaming of a gaming computer for a long time.

I couldn't find a date on this magazine, but as I flipped through the pages, I found some interesting games that brought back memories.


90s game descriptions! PC-13 for PROFOUND CARNAGE! Simply the best.

I'm seeing a distinct lack of capital letters here. Self-sacrifice (explode) has me in stitches though.


And here's the part you learn some more about young Damson. I loved logos growing up. I would draw my own, or copy others. I would also draw them everywhere. I remember mastering the Super Metroid logo, drawing Spot from 7-Up, and so many others. So how's this for a slice of teenage me?

Obsessed with Pocahontas? Check!

Obsessed (to the point of writing notes with horribly spelled names) with Akira? Check!


Obsessed with Final Fantasy? Check!

Also, some Ace of Base and Bio-Dome in there too.

(Bubble letters? What was I thinking? Does everyone go through a bubble letter phase? Just me? OK.)


Now that I've thoroughly embarrassed myself, I'll leave you one last picture of the growing tower of system boxes that will probably fall over before completion.

The Micro box still has the extra faceplates in it. I'll snap a pic of that next time.


That's all for my attic diving this time! Tune in next time to see what other treasures I find. (Spoiler: My actual Nintendo Powers with collectable card binder. That's right, I was that kid.)

Special thanks to Dyram for the name of the post. :P

Oh, and check out TAYClassic! You never know what kind of treasures are laying around in that attic.