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Damson's E3 Extravaganza! (DE4!)

Welcome, Welcome my fellow TAYers! How are you this lovely Tuesday morning? Hung over from gaming overload? Let's talk games! All the games! From yesterday, at least.

If you couldn't tell, this is just something for fun. I'm sure there will be many TAY posts seriously talking about all the things from yesterday, so I'm taking the light-hearted approach. (It will make me different. Maybe Senpai will notice me.)


GRADES!!!!!! (With no explanation! And no, you can not change my mind!)

  • Microsoft- A
  • EA- D
  • Ubisoft- B
  • Sony- B or C I haven't decided.
  • Nintendo- A (with Zelda reveal) B (without Zelda reveal) (That's right! I'm predicting the future.)


Seriously, for one second. Can I get a soundtrack to E3 2014? I would pay. Just listen.

Ori and the Blind Forest: my break out, must-have from the show so far.

Also, Metal Gear Solid music, Assassins Creed: Unity music, and even Pharrell's "Happy." (I could really listen to that song forever. Stop judging me!)



Battlefield Hardline- Someone stole something. Let's blow up city blocks and throw a crane into a building!


Crackdown- We will not be outdone by Battlefield! (Was that really Battlefield? Cops and Robbers? Really?) SCREW IT! WE WILL PREVAIL! WE DESTROY TWO WHOLE BUILDINGS TO KILL ONE BADDIE!!!! NO ONE WILL DESTROY MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want a total of the money that it will take to fix those two universes after just the trailers.



COD! Sunset Overdrive! Scalebound! And, oh yes, Crackdown wins again!

Crackdown- Where we have to have more of everything that everyone else has.


This belongs to Ubisoft. Dancers on stage and a work out game. Two of the most painful things ever to see in a E3 presentation. (Only slightly behind is Sony's statistics and TV talk.)



I have to tone it down a minute. There were some amazing things about yesterday, but nothing was mentioned on my favorite part of any game: local co-op. I don't play well with others really, but one of my favorite things is gaming with my husband. I look at Assassin's Creed, and see co-op, and all I can think is, "Damn, I want to play that with Mr. Rhee." "Please let me play that with my husband." Please! Someone! Anyone! Let there be local co-op. (Besides LBP3. My husband thinks it's too cute to play.)


So there you have it! My thoughts on E3 so far. What are you guys thinking? Let's talk! Or write your own post...which is probably what you're all doing. YAY! E3!

(So many capitals and exclamation points. I won't do that in my next post. I promise.)

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