I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Well colour me surprised this is one I wasn’t expecting. Tri-Ace seems to be at it again with another countdown site teasing a new game much like the teaser that eventually resulted in Star Ocean 5. This time with Spike Chunsoft the creators of the Danganronpa, Zero Escape games, as well as many more Visual Novels and and some other RPGs. As it stands right now almost nothing is known about the game other then it being a “side view RPG”.


That being said the inclusion of “Side View RPG” has really got some people excited as Tri-Ace’s offering in that regard is their Valkyrie Profile series. However it seems Spike Chunsoft is leading the development at this time making a Valkyrie Profile game unlikely (also the series relationship with Square seems to make it doubly unlikely) which is unfortunate. However its still an interesting collaboration and as I said at the time of the Star Ocean 5 reveal the fact that not a year ago I was writing articles entitled “RIP Tri-Ace” its really nice to so them returning to their old stomping grounds.

Update: Siliconera is reporting that the scenario writer for Tri-Ace titles Valkyrie Profile and Resonance of Fate is also working on this title.

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