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Dark Souls 2, let's discuss it :D

So how come I'm not seeing lots of buzz on TAY about it? Demon's / Dark Souls had everything I look for in a game which is a grand open adventure with multiplayer mechanics and a level atmosphere that makes me "feel". Judging from the footage shown on IGN which you can see below, they're combining Demon's and Dark together.

I really loved the invasion mechanic. To be able to go into someone elses adventure and cause them to feel fear was quite interesting to experience. Many times the act of invasion alone caused players to panic and make a mistake. I hope it returns in similar form in Dark Souls 2 or else I won't be able to spend hours watching hilarious videos on Youtube :) Especially this one below, this player always cracks me up!

As well as this classic video which I'm sure most of you know :)

Anyone have any funny stories or experiences they'd like to share? I remember when I first played Dark Souls, I was so careful holding my shield up all the time but it's amusing now because I can speed run through the game in about 2 hours hehe which is why I'm looking forward to 2 as it means I can take my time and be surprised all over again!



Anyway there is an ulterior motive to this post :) On Facebook they're hosting a "Design your own shield" contest like last time. Unfortunately the system is flawed as it relies heavily on public votes. The top 30 shields will go through and the devs will decide which one they like. Sadly this affects those that submitted late since the first shields are already in the 1000's of votes.

If you have a Facebook account then do these people justice, go through all the pages and vote for the ones you like and help those that put work into their designs. I myself spent a couple of hours each night working on a shield, if you like it feel free to vote for it *cough* :)


Link to contest page:


Link to my shield :P Obviously you can tell where the design comes from if you're a fan of the series.




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