Disclaimer: If you are not currently immersed in Dark Souls II, the following will read like alien gibberish. If you are playing, this post contains very mild spoilers for the Earthen Peak area.

So something pretty awesome happened last night, while I was in the Earthen Peak, in front of Queen Mytha's boss fog gate, offering my aid as a co-op partner to anyone who would summon me. I kept noticing that people would summon me into their worlds, but that in their worlds they never drained the poison from in front of the boss gate (Spoilers lol). So of course I knew that meant when they walked through the fog gate, they were in for a nasty surprise (a room full of poison, that they can't get out of, and a quick death)

So in a bit of jolly co-operation, I started standing in front of the fog gate, waving my finger to say "NO", then pointing back towards the windmill. And what followed was awesome, and cements why I love Dark Souls more than most every other franchise...

Without anyway to talk to this anonymous warrior I was supposed to be aiding, I manged to use gestures to lead them back to the windmill, where I grabbed a torch from the bonfire, and stood pointing at the windmill. And amazingly the other player who was only able to communicate with me through very basic gestures figured out what I was trying to show them. And so they set the windmill alight, draining the poison from Mytha's chambers. And we both praised the sun!


This is how not to fight The Baneful Queen Mytha...

Returning to the boss gate, they noticed that the poison was now drained, and we cheered, and waved. Then after my partner I laid waste to The Baneful Queen they profusely bowed and waved and cheered to thank me for assisting them in their quest.


Maybe I don't play co-op enough, but I can't recall ever having something as awesome as that happen with a strange person (who may not even speak my native language) in an online video game.


Praise The From(Soft)!