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Day 3 of the Pixelympics Begins! Update: Starting now!

Welcome one and welcome all to the third event of the Pixelympics! Hear the crowd roar!

Today we're going to be doing a Super Mario Brother's Speed Run!

It looks like I'll be first up at 12 o clock eastern time. I'll be using the official TAY Twitch Stream to stream my run. I will be using emulator and ROM with a Logitech F310 gamepad (If I can figure it out). You can watch the stream below:First run is at 12 pm. Next run is 1 pm (Rockmandash). Check the schedule to sign up for a time (not too late!) or volunteer as tribute to run for someone else's team if you're unaligned.



Aikage: 11 Minutes 52 seconds

Rockmandash: 30 minutes (Level 5-2)

Kcet: 30 minutes (Level 8-3)

Novibear: 30 minutes (Level 1-1)

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