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I have about two hours of video recorded where I struggle to talk over the sound of the light machine gun I was shooting. I gave up about twenty minutes in because I was having too much fun.

Day Of Infamy is a realistic World War II shooter with gameplay similar to its predecessor Insurgency. Every mission has you either storming some kind of beach, or patrolling a map looking for enemies. The best way to describe the game is a slower-paced Battlefield without vehicles. Weapons also have much more realistic punch to them, with headshots always being a definite kill.


Full disclosure, my key for Day of Infamy was provided by the developers.

I won’t be discussing performance and visuals as the game is still in early access and performance and bugs are likely to be patched in the future.

Insurgency is a very slow-paced game which awards lightning reflexes, situational awareness, and patience. Day of Infamy takes this to a whole new level with weapons that require more accuracy and patience. Alongside new weapons is improved co-op, single player modes and unique, entertaining maps.

Because half the players in the game will be using slow bolt-action weapons, players have to be more methodical with their shots, making sure to hit their target the first time or give their enemy a chance to shoot back.


I felt the multiplayer truly challenged players to be both aggressive and patient in their playstyles; maximizing the amount of kills a player can get by using strategic positioning on the open maps and a wide array of weapons.

Players can choose between different classes with different weapon types

While the player-versus-player aspect of the game is the biggest allure for Day of Infamy I actually found out the most fun was found shooting at AI. Not because its easier but because the game makes every kill feel so satisfying, especially when using the tougher to use bolt action rifles.

The AI is not too tough nor is it too easy. The bots tend to be a bit slow, but when the gears in their brains start turning, they turn into expert marksmen.


The game can get really intense when you’re storming Omaha beach, and you really feel your mortality when you WATCH AS YOUR TEAMMATES BURN ALIVE.

Playing Co-Op is so much more fulfilling than straight PvP because in PvP you’re focused on getting kills and being the best player in the lobby. In Day of Infamy’s Co-Op, all that is thrown out the window and everyone’s focused on having fun because there’s no superficial reason for players to get tense about winning.


The Co-Op is a great foil to the game’s PvP as it allows you to mow down tons of enemies without the worry of looking bad. Even if you can’t get tons of kills its still fun because you’re going to get a few and that still feels special.

The game is a ton of fun, and with some tweaking and balancing of the maps the game can be one of the best World War II shooters on the market.


Day of Infamy is in Early Access on Steam now for 19.99.

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