So I saw an ad for this Arcade Block thing ( on my Facebook, and I checked it out. Normally these mystery box things are full of cheap crap from completely unrelated franchises, but this Arcade Block one seems legit. I'm actually really surprised. I went to sign, and it came to $35 a month after shipping and tax (including an additional $1.50 charge for 2XL shirts, because I'm fat)... Which seemed a bit much.

So I searched online for some discount codes. I found two codes (SUPERHERO and holiday), which actually stack for 10% and 15% off, respectively. I cut $5 off the monthly subscription price with those coupon codes. These codes also work with the normal Nerd Block, the Horror Block (a horror-themed box) and both of the Kids' Blocks (STUPID PATRIARCHY AND THEIR GeNDER BINARY!!!1), so if you need an awesome gift idea for someone, this is probably fantastic. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want, so you could totally just buy one box and call it a day.


These boxes always contain a t-shirt, which is nice (I'm quite fond of those shirt-a-day sites anyway), and usually 5-6 articles of high quality merchandise. The price is really fair, even without the discounts. Below are some YouTube videos of unpopular YouTubers taking way too long to explain the contents of the last few boxes: