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Dear Club Nintendo,

I can honestly say that I'm always excited to see what you have to offer an avid Nintendo fan like myself. Sometimes, though not often, there's an item I can't wait to get my mitts on. The gold nunchuk (got it), the Luigi's Mansion figure (didn't get it) and rewards like the Mario hat, the pin set and 2010's group statue all made me jump with joy when I realized I had enough coins or had achieved the proper status.


I'm a collector. A collector of physical items. I love your digital initiative, but I can't show that off. I can't display that on a shelf. I can't feel proud and superior that I managed to get a download code to a game I can get any waking moment. Offer me something that I can't go buy in a store or on the eShop. If you're going to give me a code for a game at least make it a special game you can't get elsewhere.

What happened? You used to have a ton of physical goodies to choose from. Now we have, what, like five things to pick from? Kinda crappy things, at that. Slowly but surely, over the years, you've been offering less and less. And when you DO have something worth getting there's not many of them to begin with and you sell out quickly. I used to have trouble picking out what to spend my coins on. Now I just sit and stare at the screen hoping something new will appear. It's probably why I have over 1200 coins sitting in my account, waiting for that next big thing. I'm sure it'll be out by 2017.

Your platinum and gold rewards this year are a joke. Yeah, yeah, I know. You make video games and you're offering me "free video games". How can I be angry about that? It's a free gift. "Just pick one and move on!" you're probably thinking. Well, I was under the impression that Club Nintendo rewarded us with interesting and highly sought after items. I wasn't too excited when your best "Elite" reward was a see-through deck of cards, or a CD, but this is ridiculous. Like many Nintendo fans I already bought or own a copy of the vast majority of the games you're offering as a reward this year. They're good games! But I've bought the best of them. Couldn't you simply offer both the digital games and a few physical options?


You need to turn things around, Club Nintendo of America. Need some ideas? Give us the SNES controller for Wii or the Mario pillow you gave Japan. Give us the Mario Kart trophies or the Yoshi backpack you gave Europe. Give us ANY of the multiple soundtracks you've given out just about everywhere but here.


"This year's Elite Status gifts have arrived!" and I couldn't be more disappointed.



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