DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: I'm playing a game it's and it's really great! But now I'm stuck, can you help me out? I'm fighting a boss, it's going great, but then a red circle appears on the ground around me, I continue firing away at the boss and all of a sudden I explode and die! What am I doing wrong? Sincerely, ACTIONGAMER

DEAR ACTIONGAMER: Boss fighting is difficult work, especially if you don't know Who's The Boss? Tony is the weakest of the two, so it's best to concentrate your attacks on him. He will often use his nurturing disposition and apron wearing skills to power-up Angela and stun your character, so be careful. Heal as often as you can because Angela will use her bread winning abilities and valid points to whittle down your health. That red circle represents the ultra-thick sexual tension between these two bosses. Destroy Tony before their repressed feelings reach critical mass! This boss fight won't be easy, but I encourage you to take a chance and face the wind!


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