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Deciphering BioShock Infinite

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BioShock Infinite is a very good game. Kotaku certainly thinks so, and with a Metacritic score currently tied for highest all-time, the greater gaming journalism community seems to agree. From start to finish, the game delivers on both story and gameplay in spades. What elevates Infinite from being just an enjoyable game to being an experience that will be played and talked about for years to come, however, is the final act. Infinite's ending is a master class in poignant storytelling, but as the fabric of time and space literally begins to unravel around you, many players were (understandably) left saying "Wait... What?" [WARNING: HERE THERE BE SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY!]


The team behind Infinite learned from its predecessor's mistakes. Rather than have the big reveal 3/4 of the way through, only to close it out with a disappointing denouement, Infinite saves the core revelation of the story until the absolute last lines of dialogue spoken in the game (not counting the little post-credits scene).


"He's Zachary Comstock."
"He's Booker DeWitt."
"No... I'm both."

Those closing moments are powerful on so many levels. They're also damn confusing. A healthy understanding of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics helps in reconciling some of that confusion, but real-world quantum theory doesn't have much to say about a girl who can rip holes in spacetime at will.


DeWitt is Comstock. Elizabeth is Anna. That much is certain. The rest? That's a little foggier.

I have my own interpretation and opinion about the ending and the story as a whole, but I'd like to hear what the Kotaku community thinks. What did you make of the ending? How do you feel about it? Was the final scene a revelation of sudden clarity for you, or did it just add another wrinkle to the mystery? And what did that post-credits scene mean? Let's discuss.

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