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[Demo] World Of Final Fantasy

**This preview contains spoilers for the demo so if you want to play it blind leave now and come back later. You won’t regret it.**

Hey TAY friends. This week Square Enix decided to grace us with a demo for their new game, World Of Final Fantasy. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been anticipating this game more than the upcoming Final Fantasy 15. The main reason is that they were hitting all of my FF spots; chocobos, moogles, summons, FF fanservice, cuteness and traditional turn based battles. What more could a girl want? I played this demo on the Vita but the demo is available on PS4 as well.

Not gonna lie, I got Kingdom Hearts vibes playing this but thats not necessarily a bad thing.

The demo takes place in a random dungeon with no story cutscenes in sight. Probably not to spoil the story and help players become familiar with the battle system. The battle system is FF meets Pokemon. If you like either of those things you will get a kick out of this demo. From the moment I began imprisoning, which is the FF word for capturing, I became hooked on battling to see what would turn up next. If you want to imprison monsters effectively remember that the spell “Libra” is your friend.

Stacking exhibit A

The game explains how to capture the monsters but it didn’t make it obvious how to utilize the monsters once you obtained them. It took a moment of fiddling with the menu to discover that the monsters are classified as small, medium and large. The main protagonists are able to switch between chibi and large forms so you can give them 2 different “stacks” as you battle enemies. Why does size matter? Players have to “stack” their captured monsters by size. In chibi form the player is medium sized which means you can have a small and large monster in your stack. In large form the player is large which means you can only place a small and medium sized monster in your stack. The size of the monster as well as the player is located in the lower left next to their portrait indicated by a S, M and L respectively. You can only take 2 monsters with you per stack which is definitely going to make it hard for me to choose.

Return of the Sphere Grid.

Moving to another aspect, this game has a sphere grid/Paradigm like experience system for each monster. I adored both systems so it was definitely a welcome addition. The grid for each monster is relatively small but at the very end there is a spot with ???. This leads me to assume that our monsters will evolve in some way but I didn’t gain enough experience points to see the results. The protagonists are able to learn spells via prisms found in game or dropped by monsters. However, there is no other way at this time to customize them. The demo had several menu slots that were empty so I’m going to assume we can do more with them in the full game.

Notice how your monster pets are “stacked”?Small, medium and large stack order.

The battle system is also fun and engaging. Players can speed up the battle by hitting the R1 button on the Vita. On the left side of the screen there is a battle order bar that let’s you know whose turn it is ala FF10. The battle menus can remain in the normal form with attacks mapped to specific buttons or toggled to classic. Classic mode has the standard tabs for magic, attack, defend etc. This isn’t active time battle so players can take their time. I didn’t check the configuration to see if the mode could be switched because wait mode serves me just fine.

I can hear the chocobo riding theme in my head.

The environments are rich, lush and colorful. I enjoyed exploring every corner for a treasure chest or the guest characters in the demo. By hitting the select button players can view the entire map of the dungeon which is awesome. The guest characters like Squall, Cloud, Yuna, Feris, etc gave the player items to assist on the journey. I’m sure their role will be expanded in the full game but it was nice to see them here. The demo also brought back save points that mattered. In the demo at least, you are unable to save anywhere. Since we were in a “dungeon” this may be the only place where this is the case. In many FF games players have the option of saving anywhere on the overworld map and in town inns.

Meet our FF fanservice special guests ♡

At the very end players get to explore the four chests surrounding the final boss. Each chest has a clip from the game to add to your hype levels. The boss battle is relatively easy if you prepared your team before hand but it got the point across.


Overall this demo assured me that I made the right choice in preordering this game. I have seen videos of the PS4 version and it does look way more polished than the Vita version. This version is still beautiful and feels right on my powerful hand held device. If you’re still on the fence about the game then I recommend downloading this demo to see for yourself. I completed the whole demo in 1.5 hours because I was playing with all the features but it can probably be completed in a shorter time. It’s available for free on PSN for both PS4 and PS Vita. World Of Final Fantasy is on schedule for release on October 25th, 2016

*Also it is said that players can obtain a magi tech mount by completing the demo. Players would be able to obtain it by completing battles in the Coliseum. That feature was not present in the demo. When the demo completed for me it sent me straight to the save screen with no mention of this. Silconera seems to confirm this:


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