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Derivative Content: Ultimate Hulk, Incredible Destruction

There are three basic gaming archetypes in the world: Abstraction, Simulation, and Games About the Hulk Punching Things Very Hard. This game is about the Hulk punching things really hard.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is a game by the folks at Radical Entertainment, who are more recently known for their Prototype games. In Prototype, you play as a jerk with superpowers who blows stuff up. Ultimate Destruction is pretty much the same thing, except the jerk is the Hulk.


We once again follow Bruce Banner on his quest to stop being the Hulk. He thinks he can build a machine to cure his Hulkatitus, but he doesn’t have the parts. Luckily his pal Doc Samson has figured out a way to hypnotize the Hulk so they can put his ultimate destruction skills to good use. Stuff explodes, villains appear, origin stories you already know happen again, etc. Basically it’s a plot with the sole purpose to get the Hulk to punch things really hard.

Which is fine! If I’m buying a Hulk game, it’s so that I can punch things really hard. And punching things really hard is what this game is good at. The Hulk is a giant green bowling ball and the open-world city (and a few other less interesting maps) you’re dropped in is made of pins. Pretty much every action you take is bound to send cars, people, and anything else in the street flying.


One of the best things about the game is that the game gives you tons of fun ways to smash stuff. You can grab a streetlight and use it like a baseball bat. You can clap away an entire army. You can throw missiles back at helicopters. You can surf on a car down a street. You can rip the same car in half to get metal Hulk Hands. It’s awesome. Most of the really fun attacks have to be unlocked, but having all these different and cool abilities really make you feel like a green force of nature.

But as fun as the game is, it does have a few problems. I mentioned before Radical Entertainment’s other games. Ultimate Destruction feels and many ways feels like a prototype to ...um... Prototype. It’s a little bit clunkier and the controls aren’t nearly as tight. It still has some of the same problems like a bad lock-on camera, occasionally frustrating missions (any mission that requires you to protect rather than smash something is a bad sign), and not-really-good bosses. Plus the game has the bad habit of overwhelming you with tons of enemies instead of more interesting ways to increase difficulty.


So when you get down to it:

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is a really fun game about punching things as a big green guy. It’s pretty much all I expect out of a Hulk game and it does it well. It’s not perfect and there are better games of this type, but if you just want to ultimately destroy stuff then you can’t do much better than this game.



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