Desert Bus for Hope 8 (DB8 for short) is only 24 hours away! I can't wait! Can you?

Wait. You don't know what Desert Bus is? Oh. Let me help you understand.

What is Desert Bus?

Desert Bus is a minigame in an unreleased Sega CD game galled Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors. The main game itself consists of a few minigames, all introduced by Penn & Teller themselves. Most of the minigames are trick games, which subvert tropes explored in games at the time, and Desert Bus is no exception. Created as a reaction to the "Violent video games make people violent!" media craze in the 90's, the magic duo made a game that would make people excellent bus drivers. How would this game do this?

The answer is simple: by making players drive from Tuscon to Las Vegas in a bus going at 45 miles per hour. The bus also has a slight drift to the right, so the player has to constantly steer left to prevent the bus from going off the road and crashing. The trip takes 8 long hours in real time, and there's not much to look at. A few bus stops, a bug splat, and an interesting bug that eventually just stops changing the day/night cycle, leaving the bus driving in a perpetual dusk.


So What is Desert Bus for Hope?


Desert Bus for Hope is a fundraiser for Child's Play in which the folks over at LoadingReadyRun play Desert Bus. The general gist of the whole thing is: The more the viewers donate, the longer they play the game.

So, the first hour of play starts off cheap, at $1. The second costs $1.07; the third, $1.14; the fourth, $1.23; and so on, with every hour costing 7% more than the last. The last few events have lasted roughly 6 days, due to it being nearly impossible for them to do it for 7 days (they'd need to raise over 1 million dollars to do so).


The event itself, however, isn't just the crew playing the game for 6 straight days, it's a fun time had by all, with amazing giveaways, spectacular auctions, and cool guests. The auctions and giveaways serve as the main method in which they accrue money to force them to play. They also take on challenges, in which the viewers ask them to do a thing in return for a donation of an amount.

If none of that made sense, here's a handy video:

Since that was for last year's run, a few changes are happening this year. First, for the first time ever, they're doing DB8 at a brand new venue donated to them for the week, meaning it'll look a little different if you're already a fan of Desert Bus for Hope. Next, also for the first time ever, they're doing all the chat interaction on Twitch this year, instead of the IRC channel that they were using the entire time prior to this year's event.


The Wrap-Up

In a nutshell, Desert Bus for Hope is a fundraiser for Child's Play where some guys play Desert Bus and act silly for a week.


If you'd like more information on the whole thing, or would like to see the prizes being given away or other DB8 stuff, go to

They stream the whole thing on Twitch, the relevant channels are (for the main feed where they entertain us); and (for the video feed of the game itself).


More information about Child's Play can be found here.

Finally, more info on the LoadingReadyRun crew, as well as their complete video catalogue can be found over at their website.

See you there!