I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Taken from my couch yo!
Taken from my couch yo!
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Whats up TAY! It’s been a while, I’ve missed my interactions with this community more than many of you would understand. What better way to get me back than a brand new Destiny expansion! I like Destiny, a lot, through the good times and the bad. The Destiny franchise has been through so many ups and downs, I’ve faithfully stuck by it for roughly 4-5 years. I remember watching their first E3 presentation and thinking this might be the only game I’ll ever need to play again. That of course could never be true, I love to many different types of video games.

Destiny 2 brought the franchise to it’s lowest point for a short amount of time. Destiny has a huge following and player base despite it being cool to hate on. That player base shrunk dramatically a few months after Destiny 2’s release, especially with it’s first paid expansion being a dud. The baffling part about Destiny 2 was the removal of some key features from Destiny 1 and the addition of some new features that watered down the experience, especially for its hardcore players.


Bungie started to turn things around introducing new gameplay patches throughout the year that would alter the way we play. The second paid expansion, Warmind, came out last spring and offered a lot of new content that would last much longer than the previous expansion. Fast forward to last week where Bungie dropped a giant sandbox patch for Destiny 2 that dramatically altered the combinations of weapons we could use. I really could write an entire article on the first year of Destiny 2.

Today is the launch of Forsaken, Destiny 2’s big year 2 expansion and it feels like Christmas. This has been dubbed as a space western revenge story, go get em space cowboy. Like I do with all Destiny releases I will be live streaming at launch, 10am PST here,

Here is a quick look at my launch schedule,

Tuesday September 4th 10am - Late Mostly Campaign, some PvP.

Wednesday September 5th 10am - Late - Exploration based, PvP, secret spelunking

September 6th - 13th - I’ll be streaming when I can, more so on the weekend.

Friday September 14th - 10am - late - I’ll be streaming the drop of the new Raid and of course racing to be World’s first. I’ve got a good team set up and ready to go.

Stop by, interact, check out one of the first big releases of Fall 2018. I will have more written Destiny coverage in the next few weeks covering the new Forsaken expansion.

I enjoy writing for TAY and have dabbled in making different types of gaming and lifestyle content. I like playing games and interacting with gaming communities to wind down. You can find me here!


Twitter @frattyman

Twitch - twitch.tv/frattyman

YouTube Channel- Player 2 Push Start

PSN/XLIVE/STEAM - Frattyman (if you send a friend request just put TAY in it!)

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