I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Whats up! Everyone that has PS Plus should give Destiny 2 a shot, especially since it is free. Destiny 2 can also be purchased for $12 for PC via humble bundle. This is one of the best games to come to PS Plus as a free title. Destiny 2 has had it’s ups and downs, I’ve gotten more enjoyment out of Destiny than almost any other video game related franchise. I still think Destiny is one of the most innovative current gen video games with how it has incorporated multiplayer and woven it seamlessly into its core gameplay.

Right now is the best time to try Destiny 2, even if you are a lapsed player and sold off your game. Bungie has made a tremendous amount of positive changes these past few months with numerous gameplay patches and content drops. The new big expansion, Forsaken launches today and Destiny 2 will see a huge bump to its player base. I’m not telling everyone to buy up all the expansions right away, start with the free base game PS Plus is offering you now. Then you can decide for yourself. Here are a few things I’ve written about Destiny, there is even a review which I should probably update or write a review 2.0.


Anyone new to Destiny is encouraged to ask players for help, the community on PS4 is pretty good and open to helping newcomers. You are of course welcome to reach out to me on PSN as well. See ya out there space cowboy.


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