I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Whats up! It’s been a while, I didn’t stop writing, just haven’t been producing. I’ve got some juicy pieces I’ve been passively working on that I can’t wait to share. Right now I am in full anticipation for Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence. This was formally titled Penumbra, which has about 5-6 different meanings that all boil down to shadow? Bungie has been good about not spoiling too much of the content we will be receiving with the new season. Right now I’m basing my article off of official Bungie released material, a few of my own personal opinions based on the trailers/info they’ve shown.

Note - A majority of this article was written ahead of Bungie’s latest blog post, which added much more details about the new season and confirmed/unconfirmed some of my theories. I’ve decided to leave parts of the article how I initially wrote it on Wednesday, May 29th unchanged and added new information where viable.

What are we getting ?

Crown of Sorrow - A new Raid

Menagerie - A new 6 player co-op activity.

Pinnacle Weapons - Sniper (Crucible), Grenade Launcher (Vanguard), Bow (Gambit)

On top of the two new mentioned activities there will of course be exotic quests, one familiar and one new. Moments of Triumph/Solstice of Heroes will also return to round out the season. Bungie has also teased additional secrets to be discovered, which could be anything.


What does it Cost ?

The Destiny 2 Annual Pass is $30 USD, it comes with two prior expansions, Season of the Forge and Season of the Drifter. Both focused on different storylines and offered new types of activities. If you break it down it is roughly $10 an expansion, but you can’t buy them separate.

Is it Worth it?

The $30 I already paid has been well worth it. I have a feeling this third expansion will be the biggest one yet in their new season pass styled DLC. I am also a Destiny junky, more Destiny is good, and just another excuse to shoot some aliens in the face. So yes, even if you’ve lapsed and didn’t get the Season Pass I still think it is a worth while purchase.


Crown of Sorrow


This is my most anticipated addition coming with Season of Opulence. I’ve written about Raiding in Destiny before, as well as competing in worlds first races. A Destiny Raid is a 6 player co-op activity. Indiana Jones in space is a decent description. There are puzzles, deception, and no guides to lead the way. I love diving blind into a new Destiny Raid. Discovering the secrets, solving puzzles, and adventuring deep in a challenging environment is a unique experience that no other franchise does better.

It looks like Crown of Sorrow has us going back to the Leviathan and I have a feeling it will be Hive based because of a few of the screen shots/trailers I’ve seen (This has since almost been but confirmed with the look of the 24-Hour completion emblem Bungie showed off). I also have a feeling this will be a bit bigger in scope compared to the most recent raid, Scourge of the Past. Supposedly we’re fighting over Oryx’s crown, the Crown of Sorrow, Oryx is a baddy with fucked up feet we sent spinning off into Saturn’s orbit in a Destiny 1 Raid.


Bungie has changed the way they will launch their newest Raid. The Raid will now launch the same day as the new season, 6 hours after the season opens.

For Clarification

Season of Opulence - Goes live 10AM PST, 6/4/2019

Crown of Sorrow - Goes live 4PM PST, 6/4/2019


Previous Raids/Expansions followed a bit of a different schedule, they changed the timing to allow more of a fair jumping off point for players, only giving them 6 hours to level up before the new Raid can be attempted. The new Raid will also launch with a new mode, Contest, which will be live for the first 24 hours the Raid is available. Contest is essentially a level balancer, that caps the bonus players receive from their level at a certain point spread across different encounters.

The first activity in the raid is capped at 700, any player over 700 will be scaled down to level 700. The level cap will vary by encounter with the final encounter being capped at 720. For reference the new level cap will be 750, it was previously 700. After the first 24 hours of Crown of Sorrow being active Contest will be removed, and your level will no longer be capped. If we ask Bungie nicely we might have the option to turn Contest on as a modifier for Raids in the future, which would be a cool way to add another layer of challenge.


Bungie has also disabled the two previous Raids until a team beats Crown of Sorrow, supposedly to avoid a well known exploit that is available in one of them. This was the official reason they gave, it also wouldn’t surprise me if beating this new Raid opened up some sort of new content, or altered the world in a way like the Last Wish did when it was first completed, which was fucking rad.

The combination of Contest and the new launch window for Crown of Sorrow is the best possible way for Bungie to make this a fair race. There will undoubtedly be an exploit that someone discovers, I still applaud Bungie for putting the time into making Crown of Sorrow’s world first race as fair as possible.


Yours truly will be competing in worlds first as well. I plan to start power leveling at 10AM up until the Raid launches, at which I will take my first dive into Crown of Sorrow. I’ll be Streamin’ Willie Beaman,

I’m on PS4, I hope I can stick it to the PC players and get one of these!


Not really, but I’d love to have bragging rights.



I’m excited to see a new 6 player co-op mode come to Destiny, the only other 6 player co-op mode are the Raids. I’ve heard that it will be similar to an escape room with wave based hoard mode mechanics. Sounds like a lot of fun and it will also be difficult for me to not just want to play this all the way up to the moment the Raid launches. This is an example of why the Destiny 2 Annual Pass has been exceptional to me thus far. Bungie hasn’t shied away from giving us new ways to play, to earn loot, or just run around shooting aliens in the face.

The Menagerie will have a content drip throughout the season, it looks like new bosses/rooms will be unlocked as the season progresses, as well as a heroic mode. I will point out that the regular mode will feature matchmaking, whereas the heroic mode will not, and you will have to put together your own team for the more difficult runs. I could care less about matchmaking, a lot of players complain about the lack of matchmaking. I have no problem asking people on my friends list, clan roster, or using the Bungie app to put together a team.


There is also a lot of new loot coming with the Menagerie. It appears we will have some sort of input as too what kind of loot we can farm from the Menagerie, similar to the Black Armory forges. I think this is fine, I know a lot of players have asked for loot to be obtained this way. Honestly, for me, I don’t mind RNG. RNG = Random Number Generator, or basically just getting loot to drop randomly, I’m sure there is a bit more to it that someone can’t wait to point out. The randomness of RNG adds a little more to the chase for a piece of gear I want. Yes, I understand RNG can totally fuck you, I however don’t mind having another excuse to shoot some aliens in the face. I’m not opposed to the way Bungie is arranging the new mode and happy that people in the Destiny community are getting a feature they asked for.


** New Update **

You do have direct control over what loot you will be getting from Menagerie completions. You will be given a new item which has options to input specific recipes which will influence which piece of loot you get along with the stats and maybe perks. There are more details on Bungie’s latest blog post, but one noticeable addition they have is the option to choose which Masterwork stat the item will drop with which is a great addition. I look forward to coming arguments about which version of a gun is the best.


Pinnacle Weapons


Season of the Drifter was the first season I actually started worked on getting my pinnacle weapons. I managed to nab all 3 (Recluse, 21% Delirium, Oxygen SR3) and was really happy that I did. I like to constantly change my load outs, there is so much variety in Destiny and the pinnacle weapons do a great job of adding more variety to your play style. I also grabbed my Luna’s Howl, I doubt I’ll be getting Not Forgotten but we’ll see. What I like most about Pinnacle weapons is you can passively work on obtaining them, or you can be a sicko and plow straight through. They all took a while but were well worth it.

Revoker - Kinetic Sniper - Crucible

The new pinnacle perk for the Revoker will return a missed shot directly to your magazine. This sounds great, especially since I love sniping but ultimately suck at it. The Revoker has a short zoom scope and snapshot sights. I like using my Izanami’s Burden plenty but this new sniper might give me a reason to switch.


Hush - Solar Bow - Gambit

The pinnacle perk for the new bow will grant decreased draw time for a limited time after successfully landing a hip-fired precision shot. This sounds like a lot of fun. I enjoy bows, they’re actually a great counter to invaders in gambit especially if you don’t have your malfeasance yet. However bow’s really aren’t the best weapon archetype. I’ll still have a blast running around doing some patrols with the Hush.


Wendigo-GL3 - Arc Grende Launcher (drum)

The pinnacle perk for the new grenade launcher will increase damage and blast radius on orb pick up. I’m not sure if it stacks onto one grenade, or each orb adds to an individual grenade. It looks like you can have 6 grenades total with the buff, as well as an option to make them blinding grenades. I have recently started coming around on grenade launchers. I was scared to leave the tower without a shotgun forever. I’ve recently really be enjoying running a sniper (kinetic or energy) along with a primary and a grenade launcher for heavy. They’re great for melting bosses in Gambit or dropping orange bars that can be tough to take down in a close encounter when you’re specced out with a sniper.


New Exotic Quests

It looks like the Truth and Lumina are going to be the two new exotic quests. The Truth is basically the Terminator, but a rocket launcher. It will find you and you should be able to figure out the rest. Hint - It doesn’t include going thumbs up into magma. The Lumina itself looks to be what many of us have come to know as the Rose. There are arguments either way, I don’t know what it actually is, but excited to find out none the less. I think the Lumina will be the conclusion of a popular story line between Thorn and Last Word. Theirs, not mine.


Moment of Triumph / Solstice of Heroes

This event is basically a way to close out a year of Destiny content. Last year’s Solstice of Heroes was just another excuse to run around shooting aliens in the face. It featured some reimagined campaign missions. Not sure what we would get this time around, maybe some of the Forsaken campaign. Bungie could blow my mind with some Destiny 1 missions. It is very farm heavy, having you run around doing activities to build out a cool looking set of armor. I built out 2 sets last year, didn’t have the stomach to do the third set. I think this is more of an activity geared towards solo players to enjoy. By the time Solstice comes around I’ll be in full hype mode for year 3 content to start, which by all accounts we will find out more on 6/6/2019 at 10:00AM PST.


TLDR - If you don’t own the Annual Pass for Destiny 2 you should. The new DLC/Season starts on 6/4/2019 10AM PST. The new Raid launches 6/4/2019 4PM PST. If you don’t play Destiny, now couldn’t be a better time to get started especially with a slow summer release schedule.


I enjoy writing for TAY and have dabbled in making different types of gaming and lifestyle content. I like playing games and interacting with gaming communities to wind down. You can find me here!

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