Look at it. LOOK AT IT! Need I say more?

Ok, I will. The exotic punk rock helmet you see before you dropped after my friend and I painstakingly made our way through the level 28 nightfall strike in Destiny last night. There is only one nightfall strike per week, but if you can find a way to make it through without wiping (which results in you and your team having to restart the entire mission), you are rewarded generously for your efforts. In addition to the chance for legendary/exotic loot/upgrade material drops, you're also rewarded with an XP bonus for the rest of the week. You can identify people who have completed a nightfall strike by the swirling blue energy around their heads.

If you're curious, the perks of the helmet are in the image below. Blind firing and launching supers into walls are just some of the hilarity I've seen after my foes are unexpectedly blinded within my "bubble of fun."


It may take some dedication to get there, but the challenges that await players who make it past level 20 are quite rewarding. This is particularly the case with the new Queen's Wrath event happening this week, which rewards players with legendary gear after they complete randomized versions of existing missions. It makes running through familiar content quite a bit more challenging and fun than I expected. Is it just me, or is Destiny getting more and more interesting with each passing week?