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Ok, so as I said on TAY Classic, I came across an interesting discovery today, and figured I may as well share it on TAY for fun. So feel free to jump in and help me out to solve this mystery.

It was about noon when I went out of my house to take out the trash. It's a very windy day here, and the sun was blazing down as always. So, I'm walking back indoors when I notice a small shiny object just sitting there in front of the garage door.


Hehe, I actually looked for my camera to get these pics on here ^^ Sure, going through boxes is a drag, but the quality is better than my iPod's :P

Pretty odd, huh? Well, I'll show more details to further help you guys with formulating theories.


As you can see, this is a 9mm caliber round. And as far as I know, it doesn't seem to be from a magnum cartridge.


Notice the combustion and rifling markings on the lower end of the bullet. Obviously hinting that it's an expended cartridge.


Now, something I think is rather curious, is the fact that the depth of the rifling markings vary as you rotate the projectile. Now, I'm no firearms expert, but shouldn't the bullet be fit tightly to the barrel? The different marking depths would suggest that the round was slightly loose as it traveled down the barrel, since I'd expect a normal one to have uniform rifling markings throughout.


Also, look at the lower right curve of the bullet. There's a slight indentation, which is also basically all of the structural abnormalities featured in this case. My first impression was "somebody handled this with some tweezers or such", but there's no signs of applied pressure to the other side.

Now, I'm no firearms or ballistics expert (and I cannot stress that enough), but shouldn't the bullet be way more deformed than it currently is?? I mean, I've been reading, and I know FMJ rounds are meant to penetrate as much possible without major shape change, but this is far too bizarre, right? There's no signs of having come in contact with anything at all. There were minor traces of what appeared to be wood shavings, but unfortunately, I lost those whilst transporting the evidence into my abode. There's no hints of damage done to my house by the projectile, and I've looked in the surrounding area and there are no spent casings or shells to be found. The neighbors report nothing on the shot, and this is a very quiet and tranquil neighborhood. There's no way the shot could've been masked, and I'm sure we would've heard it. Now, I thought about contacting the authorities, but it seems a bit pointless to create a fuss over just a bullet. So how'd it get here? Who shot it? Why? Now, I know this isn't the best place to be asking for ideas, but at least it's an interesting activity, right? So, what're your theories? What does TAY have to say?


Edit: Ok, I rewrote the whole damn thing again :P

Edit II: Ok, so here's my theory. Someone, somewhere, shot the thing into a body of water. I say this because, how else would the bullet be in this pristine shape? I mean, right now, I'm honestly more curious as to why it's in that shape, and not who shot it or why. It's just odd. I have a few recovered bullets from when I went to a range once, and they're all mushroom shaped. It doesn't add up.

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