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I'm really feeling it!
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Developer Journal Mega Update #11

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Zira’s route is officially done! Technically, I finished it over a week ago, but I needed a bit of a break since I really sprinted to finish that last lap. The art is done, the game is coded and tested and I’ve done the first round of edits. For a while I couldn’t figure out what the issue was with why certain features weren’t activating, and that took a bit of time to decipher. The good news is I fixed it, the bad news is I have a similar issue in another part of the game that I STILL can’t figure out why it’s not working correctly. I’m going to save that for the last round of editing, which I have planned for when Koni’s route is done.


Speaking of Koni’s route, that still isn’t started yet either, because I’m still letting my ideas marinate, and as I said last time, I’m starting to get really, really behind on my web comic, so I might table Koni’s route just a touch longer until I’m caught up with Midnight Menagerie. I’m actually glad I hadn’t started the new chapter of the web comic yet because going through the script I noticed the plot needed some serious edits to avoid looking like a damn fool. So stalling is actually a valid strategy sometimes because editing, particularly self editing, requires a bit of distance. Someday I’d love to actually be able to hire people to do some of these steps for me. Maybe if I make some money from Kaiju Crush. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

I can say somewhat definitively that Kaiju Crush will have a Spring 2021 release date, possibly April. If Koni’s route is actually completed by the end of December (which is actually possible, while I did fall behind a couple of weeks, I’m still mostly on my time table, so that’s the good news.)


Finishing Koni’s route, and as such, ‘finishing’ the game, the next steps will be editing, building the website, editing, creating the trailer, editing, looking into releases on Epic, Itch and Steam, editing, getting the marketing and press campaign together and of course, editing. I’m not exaggerating on the editing. I want this thing as polished as humanly possible. I know I’m for all intents and purposes a one person development team, whose expertise is NOT coding, and whose premise is intended to be very silly and light-hearted, I still don’t want the final result to feel like amateur hour.

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