I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Pegi’s route is going at a breakneck speed, and I think I’ve worked out the gameplay elements as well. It won’t require as many cut scenes or new assets like Zira’s route will. And only one new background which will be quite easy to create.


In fact, the Second Act is already written and coded. I like to code as I write so I don’t have like 1500 lines to dig through in order to remember where I left off. The compiler I’m using doesn’t necessarily have the most elegant searching and scrolling system. It also lets me test if anything goes kablooey before I start working in the assets and backgrounds.

If things keep going at this pace, I might even have the game finished by summer. Once I finish writing Pegi’s route entirely (since I’m in a writing groove and don’t want to lose it) I can bounce between drawing the cut scenes and starting Zira’s route.

I’m also starting to flesh out some concepts I’ll be doing on Koni’s route since as I go back and redo scenes from different character’s perspectives and create new dialog, it helps me flesh out other characters as I create the new routes. Her story is the most illusive (mostly because it features a lot of flashbacks, and that’s become hard to gel with the rest of the plot, but I’ll make it work, dammit!) and thus why it keeps getting shoved to the back burner.

Small hiccup that I hope can get resolved soon is I’ve developed a tremor in my left hand that is preventing me from doing any kind of fine detail work. I can still type and hold stuff most of the time, but threading a needle, putting a key into a lock and drawing are kind of off the table right now. Good news is typing is unaffected so I can still write the rest of Kaiju Crush, and code it if nothing else, but yeah, I have no idea what I’m going to be doing about the art now. Hoping this is just a temporary thing, or that there’s some kind of treatment.


In the meantime, as always, I’d appreciate it if you haven’t so far to try the demo and let me know what you guys think. The feedback really helps because when you work within a bubble by yourself, it’s easy to miss things that would otherwise be extremely obvious. Just because it’s a goofy project with a stupid premise doesn’t mean I don’t want it to be a good goofy project with a stupid premise.

Kaiju Crush Demo: http://bwillettcomics.itch.io/Kaiju-Crush

Kaiju Crush Twitter Account: @CrushKaiju

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