I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Pegi’s route is finished and now I’m working on Zira’s. And I have to admit so far it’s slow going. Right now I’m going through a nasty case of writer’s block. The joke is I know exactly what to say and how I want to say it, and I’ve even begun the route with a decent intro (this was what stymied me last time when I decided to do Pegi’s route instead) but it’s like when I try to start working on it, I freeze. I think I know why, and I just need to figure out how to work past it. While all the characters are of equal importance (if they weren’t, they wouldn’t all have their own separate routes), Zira is special because she’s the character who launched this project. She’s sort of the flagship character. I wouldn’t go as far as to call her the best girl, but she was the first character I invented for the game and whose story I thought up first. So even though I know exactly how I want things to play out, I want to do right by her, and it’s giving me a bit of performance anxiety (hur hur). I think I might take this weekend off to clear my head, give me just a couple more days to let my thoughts marinate. I might do some non-game fun art of the characters to cleanse my pallet, and come back fresh and ready to hit the ground running.


It will also give me some time to think up a couple more cut scenes because ironically enough, even though I’ve been sitting on Zira’s story the longest, I haven’t thought as much about those additional scenes as some of the other characters. Like with Koni, even though I’m still trying to corral that story, I actually have lots of cut scene ideas in mind, which will need to be parred back.

Zira’s route will also require some new assets, which I had largely avoided for Pegi’s route. It will mean a new background, a new character sprite (intriguing!) and a bunch of object assets that all need to be drawn and in some cases scanned in, and as it turns out, a new track that Scully will need to do up. So while I’m staring down the barrel of a fairly labor intensive section of the game, finishing it will put me in the 80% done marker, which will be a lot easier to stomach. Pegi’s route put me just over half of the game finished, which is a health marker, but 80% will mean the finish line will be that much more visible, and I’m always the most motivated to finish. I have lots of ‘half-finished’ projects that have gotten shelved for one reason or another over the years, but Kaiju Crush is definitely something I want to see completed.

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