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Developer Splash Damage Bought By Chicken Company

Splash Damage, developer of first-person shooters Dirty Bomb, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and the infamous Brink have been bought out by big poultry.

Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited, known primarily for its Chinese poultry business, has made the decision to continue its business venture in digital entertainment after having bought Warframe developer Digital Extremes in 2014.


While the sale has not been settled as of yet, Leyou is expecting to pay no more than $170 million by purchasing majority shares from Splash Damage studio head Paul Wedgwood.

Leyou Tech announced and explained the decision to purchase the company in a recent press release. Credits to Rock Paper Shotgun for isolating the following excerpt:

... the Group continues to face an arduous task in respect of the Poultry Business,where, despite efforts to improve raw materials procurement, feed production, breeder and broiler breeding, broiler slaughtering and process, quality and safety management and sales mix rationalisation and channel expansion, the management of the Group still has limited control of the business results and profitability under the harsh operational environment in the PRC. The 2015 Annual Report also stated that the global market for video games industry continued to experience healthy growth despite a slowing world economy.”

The easier explanation is that while chicken makes a ton of money, its hard work and game developers make more. Apparently the poultry industry isn’t as bustling an industry as video games.

How is Splash Damage handling the takeover? Pretty well it seems, as Dirty Bomb received an update just last week with a new map, crafting system and balance changes.

Whether the purchase will result in Digital Extremes and Splash Damage collaborating at any point is yet to be known.


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