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I'm really feeling it!
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MSTay3K: Boy am I from Florida

Devil Fish is one of the episodes that has just that extra 10% of energy going, that extra 10% of chemistry, that extra 10% of Italin-ness.

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And no nothing as cool as the poster will ever happen so pipe down back there. But lots of laughs:

I guess?

"So what is a devil fish?" you might be asking yourself, if you care. Which you might not.

Anyways, errh... Devil Fish. Devil Fish is a film about an aquatic creature that has gone rogue. It also gets into the deep divide between scientists trying to do aquatic research and the big money groups they have to deal with. Also, beer and shorts. Like shorts that are too short and editors that didn't think to edit out a shot where a guy's, well, maybe they should have gone for a costuming budget to make sure the male performers all had briefs.


Thankfully the show censors that bit. But you can't censor an entire film. Basically a worse shot, worse acted, and generally dumber-er "Jaws." We begin with the "first kill" this type of film requires.

So now the audience is in on what's happening, we just have to wait about an hour for the protagonists to get a clue. They seem to spend the majority of the film drinking on their boat and free-balling.


I say seem because there are lots of other things going on, science places with actors performing science things in an amazingly scientifically precise manner. "They still don't seem to understand that we at the WOI deal with genetics, not fish!" Yep, totally how scientists speak.

Also they use slasher vision when they're on land. I mean: the bad guy is a devil fish, film makers you aren't building tension. It's obviously not the devil fish, because the scene is on land!


Just, ughghhh.

However, there is a Parappa the Rappa reference at about 26 minutes in.

In summation, this is General McFist's favorite MST3K episode, or so I've heard. It fits my monster theme. And it also hits the leitmotif of foreigners pretending to be Americans. I leave you with a section from a truly great game of my mispent youth.


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