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Diablo III Season 2 Starts Tonight

Presumably most people who are really into diving into the next season of Diablo III on PC are aware of this already, but in case you, like me, quit playing soon after getting your character to max level last season and haven't really been keeping up, season 2 is here!

In case you're wondering why you'd play season 2, Blizzard has a nice summary up. Sufficed to say, you get the same access to transmog items, banner flair, and early access to new legendaries not to mention a new set of conquests (largely aimed at avoiding the cheesier conquests from season 1). And if you're wondering about the latest changes to the game, check out the latest patch notes.


As for me, I think I'll be going for my first max level hardcore character, and I'm thinking I'll go Crusader. I am doubtful I'll actually hit max level this season given it's just a few days before Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate arrives in my hot little hands, but it is nice to come back to the game occassionally so who knows?

Anyone else planning to dive into Season 2? What will you play as?

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