I'm sure like all of my fellow From Software fanatics, that you all can't wait for Bloodborne to hit early next year. And like most of you, I'm sure we're all wondering if the world of Bloodborne might be tied to the existing three Souls titles?

But... what if Miyazaki already gave us a glimpse of Bloodborne in Dark Souls!!!??

Well last night I was playing through the Prepare To Die edition of Dark Souls on PC (this was the first time I'd played the DLC), and I ran into a rather colorful NPC by the name of "Marvelous Chester" hanging out in The Royal Woods. (There be spoilers ahead for those not playing the Artorias of the Abyss DLC yet)...

It turns out that like my chosen undead, Chester was yoinked from his own "time period" and dropped into the ancient past by Manus, and his magical hand of fate. His own time eh? Well one look at Chester tells me his time was a vaguely Gothic/Victorian era. What with his very 19th Century jacket, ascot, top hat, etc.

Now why does that ring a bell (no pun intended)? Oh I know, because what we've seen of Bloodborne so far IS a Victorian/Gothic setting, with lots of characters dressed in similar fashion to Marvelous Chester. And one cursory google search for "Bloodborne Marvelous Chester" reveals I'm far from the only person to have noticed this.


But what does that mean for future souls games, or From Software RPG's in general? Will they reveal eventually that all of these games have related timelines, and lore? Imagine how insane that could get? Imagine if they just kept doing new variants on the basic souls formula, but set each series in their own "time"?

The possibilities are truly exciting for any Souls/FromSoft fan I would imagine?!

EDIT: Upon further research it appears that perhaps the land of "Carim" which is mentioned several times in DS1, but is never visited by the player, may be the location of Bloodborne. The other NPC's (other than Chester) who hail from Carim include Oswald the Pardonner, and Lautrec the Asshole. And their is speculation that Arstor, Earl of Carim might actually be Chester himself.