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Did I Just Get Killed by a Phone-Booth in Awesomenauts?

Awesomenauts has just released a new 'Naut for those who have the Starstorm expansion. Is it a phone-booth? Is it an umbrella? No, it's Sentry X-58! Here's a skinny on the Sentry:

Sentry is a rather tanky character. He's not really as durable as Clunk (and not as slow) but he can dish out and take some decent damage. His primary attack will lay mines in the air wherever he shoots, making him a bit of a defensive threat as well as a great 'Naut for taking out groups (the explosions deal damage in an area).


But perhaps Sentry's biggest threat comes from his abilities. One lays down a Teleport Beacon wherever he is standing. Hitting the button again for that special (when he isn't being fired upon) teleports him to the beacon and delivers a bit of damage to anybody nearby. This means Sentry can lay a beacon on the front lines, teleport back to base for items or healing, and then teleport back to the front lines in a matter of second. The one downside: a long recharge time and enemies can see your beacon and can lay an ambush if they want. (Unless you buy an item that hides the beacon after a few seconds.)

Sentry's second ability forms a shield around him that absorbs incoming damage. Sentry still takes a fraction of the damage, but the total damage goes towards his Black Hole Sun. when he uses this special again, he unleashes a large black hole (trapping most bots and 'Nauts) that explodes later and deals the total damage he's absorbed. OP?...Well...this video says it all...

All in all, Sentry X-58 is a rather fun character to play as, but he does have balance issues right now. He's a neat addition with some great lines and a catchy theme, but there's still some work Ronimo needs to do with him. On the plus side, people won't be playing as Penny as much!

Oh, that's right, there've been a few balance and graphical tweaks as well. Also added for Starstorm early-adopters is the new Replay Mode where you can record and save your matches. So if you ever want to peek and see what build that enemy Froggy G was using, you now can!

Awesomenauts is available on Steam for $9.99 and the Starstorm expansion is available for Early Access on Steam for $8.99. (Or you can buy both for $17.99 and get the stellar Soundtrack too!) So far they've released three exclusive 'Nauts, new custom game modes, and a replay mode so I think Starstorm is worth it. That's not even mentioning the two new 'Nauts, the new map, spectator mode, and a ton of other stuff that's coming in the future.


Oh, and if you want you can spend a few dollars to make Sentry a giant Japanese Sentai Anime reference. Enjoy!

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